• Business Development
One of the keys to Poly’s success has been the implementation of strategic partnerships and a flexible cooperation pattern.


Poly has established cooperation relationship with partners from US, European countries and other markets for products developed in house. Poly is working to expand its global strategic marketing partnerships.


Poly is seeking to license in promising investigational new drug and generics of high barrier that are in late-stage development, currently approved and commercialized. We will consider in-licensing, acquisition, co-promotion, revenue-sharing, and other partnering opportunities.


With focuses on developing high barrier drugs drugs, Poly has been ambitiously looking for collaboration partners in America, Europe, and Asia on liposome technology, PLGA and other complex technical formulations. With our marketing capability and sales capability, we are capable of allowing collaboration partners to obtain value maximization from technology introduction and achieve win-win status for both parties. We sincerely welcome partners to contact us.
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